Vital Information

Dear Customer,

Let us take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Toyota Defence Motors to supply the world’s leading automobile brand, we are proud of this transaction and look forward to many years of relationship.

In order to provide you quality services, we would like to present following information which surely be very helpful to you.

PBO Form

  1. The green copy of PBO (Provisional Booking Order Form) is yours but you have to present / surrender it at the time of delivery, the seven digits PBO number is your tool to track down the status of your order.
  2. Incase if you have lost the original green copy of your PBO Form, you need to submit an Undertaking on Rs. 100/- Bond (Legal Document), that you have lost it and if anyone / anybody present it later on consider it Null & Void.
  3. Make sure to sign the PBO Form & please go through with all the details (Contents / Entries / Terms & Conditions), if you find anything (perhaps any correction required) then pls bring it to your Sales Person’s knowledge immediately.
  4. Legible / Readable copy of CNIC & other documents are essential.
  5. WHT (Withholding Tax) status (Filer or Non-Filer) at the time of Dispatch / Invoicing will always be treated as final.

Partial Payment       

  1. In case if you’ve made the booking under partial payment scheme, please make sure to submit the balance payment before & on 15th of the month prior to the delivery month, failing to do so will result in delay delivery or cancellation of the order with the deduction of 2% of the total value of the vehicle booked.

 Color Change

  1. Color change request cannot be entertained in the same delivery month because of production planning mechanism, however, it surely considered only if you provide / submit the (written) request at least a month prior to the delivery month.

Variant Change

  1. Variant change after booking of the vehicle is inadmissible; any such request would not be considered / entertained at any point of time.


  1. Registration of the vehicle(s) on the name appeared on Sales Certificate / Invoice is mandatory.
  2. If you like to opt the registration services (Registration of the Vehicle) from us, please make the (Registration) payment in advance.
  3. Please, do keep in touch with your sales person for the Original Registration File / Original Number Plates.

Authority Letter

  1. In case if you cannot come over to take the delivery of your vehicle(s), pls provide the (written) authorization on Rs. 100/- Bond (Legal Document) for the person you nominate to take the delivery on your behalf., along with his / her signature specimen and CNIC Number.

Delivery Order / Request

  1. In case if you had booked the vehicle on other (party) name (e.g. family members / associates or company / organization), an authorization is required on Rs. 100 Bond (Legal Document) for the delivery of the vehicle from the legal buyer is mandatory.

Door Step Delivery

  1. In case of door-step delivery (subject to the availability of driver(s) / resources / circumstance & an approval from our management), you have to submit a written request along with the copy of insurance certificate (the vehicle needs to be comprehensively insured)., please do keep in mind that we (TDM) will not be responsible in case of any damages due to minor or major accident(s) / snatching or any other mishap during the transportation.

Delivery of Vehicle

  1. Ideal time to take the delivery of your vehicle is before 05:00 pm and you need to inform us at least a day before, so that necessary arrangements can be made and timely delivery ensured.

 Parking Charges

  1. If in any case you (The Customer) failed to take the delivery of your vehicle within 07-days from its arrival or after intimation form our side, parking charges @ of Rs. 500/- per day will be charged at the time of delivery.

FFS (First Free Service)

  1. First Free Inspection (FFI) on 1000Km’s or 01-Month (whichever comes first) is very important as certain checkups & adjustments (if required) need to be performed, please do bring your vehicle(s) with Warranty Book, you may also set a prior appointment with our M.R.S department through UAN # 111-876-111Ext-3031 or you can also call your sales person.

      Extended Warranty (EW)

  1. For Corolla owners: – We are pleased to offer you an added comfort and complete satisfaction under Toyota Extended Warranty for an additional 12-Months or 25000KM’s (whichever comes first) for just Rs. 9500/- and for Toyota Fortuner 30,000/-, the extended warranty begins immediately after expiry of the built-in warranty (i.e. 2-Years or 50,000km, whichever comes first), this will surely increase the resale value of your vehicle as EW is fully transferable to the subsequent vehicle owner(s). For further detail’s, pls contact your sales person.

Pre-Paid Periodic Maintenance

  1. For Corolla Owners: – You can also avail Prepaid Maintenance of 01-Year for just Rs. 36,000/- (for all 1.3 variants) and Rs. 38,000/- for 1.6 & 1.8 variants. *which includes Extended Warranty. For further detail’s, pls contact your sales person.

Business Timing

  1. Our business timings are from 09:00am to 06:00pm (Monday~Saturday), business timings for last Friday of the month is 09:00am to 01:00pm (Half-Day).


  1. Your feedback is very important for us, please give us your candid opinion / suggestions on

News & Events

For upcoming Toyota News / Events & Campaigns, please join us on Facebook                                                                                                                                    

For Complaints 

If you have any complaints, pls bring it to our “Customer Relations Department” knowledge during working hours. (Toll Free # 0800-00836 / Direct # 35386024), or you can email anytime on

We once again thank you for your patronage & look forward for a prosperous association.


Sales Department

Toyota Defence Motors 

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