Sales F.A.Q

Q-1: How can I book vehicle at your Dealership?

There are two processes with different criteria through which vehicle can be booked.

(a) For Individual Customers:
  • Provisional Booking Order Form (provided by dealership) duly signed by the Customers
  • Payment in advance by Bank Draft or Pay Order in favor of Indus Motor
    Company Limited with A/C of Applicant’s Name at the time of placing the order
    (name of applicant on payment instrument is mandatory without which order can not be processed)
  • CNIC.
(b) For Corporate Customers:
  • Provisional Booking Order Form duly signed and stamped by the company.
  • Payment in advance by Bank Draft or Pay Order in favor of Indus Motor
  • Company Limited with A/C of Company’s Name at the time of placing the order
    (name of company on payment instrument is mandatory without which order
    Can not be processed)
  • Purchase Order on the company’s letter head clearly mentioned the details of
    Tthe Pay order, Variant, and Color of the vehicle required.
  • Copy of Sales Tax Registration Certificate (if any).
  • National Tax Number.
Q-3: What is the condition of leasing / financing?

We offer different packages according to our customer’s needs with the collaboration of
different Banks and Leasing Companies.

Q-4: What is the delivery period of a new car?

Delivery periods are subject to the selected variants and color; maximum tentative
delivery period is one month. (Conditions apply)

Q-5: What is the fixed price of a vehicle?

The price quoted is provisional and subject to change without any prior notice.
Price at the time of delivery will be final.

Q-6: Will the price be less if I pay cash?

We do not accept cash. All prices are Ex-Karachi and controlled either payment is made
through pay order or demand draft in case if payment instrument is made of out of

Q-7: What is the validity of warranty?

Warranty for Toyota is 3 years or 100,000 km which ever comes first.

Q-8: What are the specifications of your products?

Specifications differ variant-wise. Detail is available in Brochures.

Q-9: How can I get my vehicle insured?

Our dynamic sales team is geared up to advise you Insurance packages being offered
thru different companies in accordance to your need.

Q-10: How Can I get my vehicle registered?

It requires following:
Registration Form duly signed in case of an individual and stamped in case of
Registration Fee.
CNIC in case of an individual.

Q-11: Does your quote include rebates and/or other incentives to attract customer?

No, our quotation does not include any rebate or incentive. We believe in maintaining
price integrity with professionalism.

Q-12: What is Trade-in?

Bring your existing used car regardless of model, brand and drive away with a new one
of your choice with no waiting period thru our “Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Division”
It is the pilot project of Indus Motors Company Ltd.

Q-13: What is “Certified Used Vehicle”?

We carryout 89 points inspections of Toyota / Daihatsu product which is not old more
than 5 yeas or has not covered more than 80,000 km. If all inspections are OK, then we
certify this vehicle and on purchasing of this certified vehicle, we offer 6, months or
10,000 km warranty, and free road side assistance service.

Q-14: What is the benefit of trade-in?

It is a peace of mind when you contact us for a hassle free trade-in for your used
vehicle. The best part of the transaction is that not only we evaluate your used car in
accordance to the market price but also get you the brand new vehicle without let you
wait for the routine delivery periods.

Q-15: If I do not purchase vehicle from your dealership, can I avail after sales service
at your dealership?

We provide facility of after sales service to all customers regardless of your purchase
from anywhere nationwide.

Q-16: Is it must to get my car serviced at your dealership if I purchase it from you?

No. You may have your vehicle maintained at any Toyota 3’S dealership nationwide at
your convenience. However we can advise you to bring your vehicle to TSM for regular
periodic maintenance or other general and body repairs.

Q-17: When I will get my Registration Book?

Registration book collection date is categorically mentioned on the receipt provided to

Q-18: In case if date mentioned on receipt is expired. When will I get my Registration

It usually happen in case when the vehicle is financed thru Bank or leasing company
In that scenario you are required to contact your financial institution.

Q-19: Do you provide floor mats or perfume on purchasing new Altis as per
Toyota Policy?

Toyota does not have such policy for providing any courtesy items. However it’s a
dealers’ prerogative to accommodate its valued customers.

Q-20: What is the process of issuance of duplicate warranty booklet?

Write a request letter to CR Dept. mentioning the reasons of lost or misplacement of original warranty booklet, attach a copy of CNIC & vehicle registration book, and mention current mileage. Dealer will issue a Warranty Certificate.

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