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Now you can exchange your old car with a brand new Toyota vehicle with no waiting period. This program is designed for your ultimate, convenience, mastered by the world’s No. 1 Toyota Automobile.

Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is, first and foremost, a Toyota. So you are stating out with a used car that has the same quality and dependability that Toyota are famous for when they’re new.


  • 89 points check up from Toyota Defence Motors trained staff.
  • 6 months warranty 10,000 Km
  • Satisfaction

Toyota Trade-in Policy:

With Toyota Trade-in policy you can now trade-in your used vehicle and drive out with a brand New Toyota by paying the balance amount.


  • Time Selling a Used Car privately can take weeks or months trading in a used car at Toyota takes about one or two hours.
  • One window operation all about selling and buying at one place.
  • Priority in booking of new vehicle.

Private sales means dealing with public where will strangers culling e-mailing visiting and driving your car you will to keep the car clean and work down their schedule. At Toyota we will work around your schedule. So just drive in and stick a deal at Toyota Defence Motors.

6 Simple steps to Exchange Your Car:

1. Bring your old car – any make or model. (Preferably 3-4 years old)
2. Give us your car details.
3. Get your vehicle’s price quoted at market rate by expert sales staff.
4. Select any brand new Toyota Vehicle of your choice.
5. Let our sales expert prepare the exchange deal.
6. Pay the balance amount and drive away with a brand new Toyota car.

Why Exchange from Us?

  • Best price for your car, transparent evaluation.
  • Best deals on new cars.
  • Attractive car financing schemes available.
  • Clean Documentation.
  • One stop solution for hassle-free transaction.

Trade-in Policy (Sales):
One window hassle free buying & selling of vehicles. No need to advertise and waste time in trying to handle the inquires as well as in negotiation. Drive in, get your vehicle assessed. If interested in the offer, place order for new car on balance payment only.

The incentives for the buyer of the Certified Vehicles will be:

  • Peace of mind that he/she is buying a Toyota Certified Vehicle from Toyota’s Authorized Dealer.
  • Getting warranty coverage on a used vehicle which he/she can’t get in the open market.

Trade-in Policy (Service):
Warranty Formula for Certified Vehicle:

In this case the Standard Used Car warranty will start immediately after the sales takes place. In this way the Standard Warranty and the remaining Toyota Warranty (If remaining) will overlap.


  • Remaining Toyota Warranty = 3 months
  • Standard Used car warranty = 6 months
  • Offered Warranty on used car = 9 months

Warranty offered on Toyota Certified vehicles will be limited and will only cover Engine & Transaxle. Toyota Certified vehicle will always be covered under warranty.
Actually the Toyota Certified Vehicles will carry two assurances

  • Toyota 89 points Certification: this will assure the customer that the vehicle is thoroughly checked by the Toyota Certified Technicians and does not carry any defects.
  • Limited Warranty: This is a Limited warranty offered to the customer as an add-on assurance that he/she can buy a used vehicle with complete satisfaction.
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