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Q.1: Why Periodic Maintenance is important?

A.1: Periodic Maintenance helps to insure maximum performance, greater reliability, trouble free driving and longer life for any vehicle.

Q.2: What is Periodic Maintenance?

A.2: Periodic Maintenance is an inspection service which is carried out at specified intervals of time.

Q.3: When does Periodic Maintenance due?

A.3: Due to severe driving condition in country, Periodic Maintenance is due at every 5000 km or every 3 months whichever comes first. Moreover in diesel vehicles, engine oil is changed at every 2500 km.

Q.4: When the battery electrolyte is low, what should be used to refill the battery?

A.4: Battery electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid (mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water). Only the water in the battery electrolyte is lost, by electrolysis and natural evaporation of water. Therefore, distilled water should be used to replenish the battery electrolyte.

Q.5: Can tap water be used to refill the battery?

A.5: If any water containing impurities is continuously used to refill the battery, its impurities accumulate and shorten battery life.

Q.6: Why does a battery discharge?

A.6: Due to following reasons battery discharges:

  • Vehicle is run only at night. (Electrical load is large.)
  • Vehicle is stopped for long period of time with the engine idling. (Amount of electricity generated is small.)
  • Engine is started many times a day. (Electrical load is large.)
  • Traffic jams for long period of time. (Battery temperature is high)
  • Shortage of battery electrolyte

Q.7: Why do brake pads wear frequently?

A.7: The life of brake pads greatly depends on how the brakes are used. However common reasons of weariness of brake pads are:

  • When brakes are used frequently then brake pads and linings wear out quickly.
  • When the speed of the vehicle just before applying the brakes is higher, and the cargo and the number of passengers are greater, then brake pads and linings wear out faster.
  • When the brakes are applied suddenly, brake pads and linings wear faster.
  • Front brake pads wear faster than rear brake linings or pads.
  • A/T vehicle brake pads or linings wear faster than for M/T vehicles brakes pads or linings.
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